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Stress + Inflammation

Stress and inflammation are common occurrences within a day to day living. We wake up in the morning and realize our alarm didn’t go off, we are running late to an important meeting, we get into an argument, someone honks their horn at us, we eat a whole pizza, we have a couple of extra cocktails, or we go to sleep a bit later than necessary.

The point is it is easier to take on more stress and inflammation than to avoid it. In our society, it’s common to downplay how stressed or inflamed we are by taking band-aid approaches. Minimizing our stress with drinks or overcoming the inflammation by taking NSAID’s.

What science tells us though is that the more stressed we are, the higher our inflammation goes, and the higher the inflammation goes the weaker our immune system. Our immune system’s ability to fight off illness is one complication of our current set up. We are more prone to illness and frequent bouts of it. But also the more inflammation we are carrying the more stress compounds and impacts our emotional, mental, and energetic well being.