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Spacious Peace

Stress makes us contract. It keeps us in a state of limitation, reaction, and system lockdown. There are not many states of expanse that can happen when we are in fighting the stress. The inflammation rises, our vision narrows, we focus on the disruption.

The aim though is to create more space for our minds and bodies to come back to a state of equilibrium and peace.

Using adaptogens in our diets will help to decrease physiological responses to stress which support our bodies and minds. That is half of the treatment though. Making lifestyle changes that create more space for processing what are our stressors, how do we respond to them, what would it look like to respond differently starts to give us more space, more breathing room for our highest selves to come forward. We remain humans experiencing daily stressors, and yet we can also cultivate a deeper sense of gratitude and willingness to give ourselves the space to transcend inherited and programmed responses.