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Adapting + Disengaging

The key to reducing stress is understanding where and how we experience stress. Is it a job we don’t like, a relationship that makes us feel small, poor eating habits or reactive behavior routines? No matter the cause, the place to begin is to witness where and how we are experiencing the reaction to stress. Then we are tasked to paying attention to where in our bodies we feel the stress.

Once we become aware of our stressors we may feel inspired or hesitant to do something about them. Sometimes we can make a quick change to resolve the stress (going to bed earlier) and sometimes they may take a while to disentangle from (leaving a bad job). No matter the length of time needed in making the change, it is important to better equip ourselves with adapting to the stress and supporting ourselves in disengaging in the stress responses.

The way we adapt to stress is to not minimize it or play as if it didn’t happen. We must learn to address the stress head-on and understand that stress impacts all facets of our well being.

Once we are able to witness where and how we are becoming stressed it becomes easier to disengage from the source. Distancing ourselves so we have more room to sit with what is arising rather than going into reaction.