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With Aubrey Mast
Holistic Healer + Intuitive Coach +
PhD Candidate


The Nutrition and Optimal Well-Being online course is an at-your-own-pace course designed to focus on food as a tool for unlocking your optimal well-being, physically and emotionally. As Aubrey guides you through the 8 Dimensions of Wellness, she will introduce you to resources designed to support you on your journey to whole health, no matter where your starting point. Recipes and journaling prompts throughout the course encourage you to dive deeper into your relationship with health, providing daily tools you can use to continue exploring, growing, and stepping into a more connected relationship with your wellbeing.

How are food and our mental and emotional selves connected?

Dietary patterns effect so much more than our physical bodies, impacting how we process emotions, our ability to focus, and our relationships with others. Explore how and why positive changes to the food we consume can support growth in other aspects of our beings. 

What does a sustainable, nourishing, and healthy food relationship look like?

It is easy to become disconnected from the food we consume – in our fast paced world, food is necessary fuel for our bodies. However, we rarely slow down enough to savor deeper aspects surrounding food – the connections it creates in our communities, the subtle differences in the way our bodies feel after a meal, the origins of the food itself. We dive into these questions so that each of us can reflect upon the uniquely personal answers that will arrive once we learn how to listen. 

Nutrition + Optimal Well-Being

By the end of the course, you will have a toolkit of wellness modalities that can be integrated sustainably into your life.

Bring more awareness and intention to how you nourish your body

Nourishment goes beyond the consumption and enjoyment of eating, encouraging a deeper awareness of your dietary habits as well as the consciousness with which you approach your food. Fully nourishing ourselves also means looking beyond the food we consume and considering other wellness modalities such as movement, creativity, breath, and more.

Feel better mentally, emotionally, and physically

The eight dimensions of wellness provide a holistic framework which can support each of us on our journeys to heal and feel stronger, more grounded, and healthier than ever. Explore these dimensions in detail and reflect upon your current relationship with each in order to identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth.

Create a wellness practice that is fully unique to your life

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to incorporating healthy dietary patterns and wellness modalities into your life. Embrace changes that feel right to you, right now. Wherever you start on your journey toward optimal wellbeing is perfect. 

Nutrition + Optimal Wellbeing

With Aubrey Mast
Holistic Healer + Intuitive Coach +
PhD Candidate


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