From Chaos to Clarity

Working The Process of Conscious Change

With Dr. Erika Czerwinski

Whether you are currently navigating a difficult time or have recently walked that path, challenge is part of life's ever-changing lessons. Let this course support you as you approach your next experience of challenge from a grounded place of consciousness and self-reflection.

Challenge is an inherent part of the human experience and navigating it is often overwhelming, painful, and uprooting. We often get so immersed in the struggle that it can seem there is no end in sight and no greater purpose for the suffering we feel. This feeling can build and strengthen until we are buried under the weight of it all.

This course offers a roadmap through those periods of immense struggle and resources that you can use during any experience of challenge in the future. It will walk you through the process of using challenge as a tool to better understand our deepest selves and integrate all parts of who we are, moving toward greater self-acceptance, appreciation, and care. It helps us look at challenge as an ever-changing process, instead of something static that keeps us stuck in cycles that no longer serve us.

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Course Includes

  • 7 Lessons

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