Imramma courses are intentionally created
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Our hope is to cultivate a sense of exploration and an atmosphere of peace and safety to encourage your
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Nutrition +
Optimal Wellbeing

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Food as

Start your Imramma journey with this free course, where you can meet the three professionals who form the foundation of our wellness community. Learn more about their passion and dedication to guiding individuals toward whole health. Take a closer look at who they are, what they do, and why they are a part of Imramma.

Aubrey Mast walks you through the role that diet plays in our overall health, as well as the importance of Nutrition in our daily life to help reduce inflammation.  By examining the 8 Dimensions of Wellness, Aubrey will explore all the elements that contribute to optimal wellbeing and will encourage you to reflect on your personal relationship with each Dimension.

In Aubrey Mast’s second course, you will discover ways to utilize the healing properties inherent in a variety of healthy foods. By identifying the positive impacts that certain foods can have on your life, Aubrey will help increase your understanding and find new ways to bring healing to your daily diet.¬†

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Healing the
Gut Microbiome

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Medicine Integration

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Total Tech
Neck Tuneup

In Aubrey Mast’s third course, you will learn about the complex world of the gut microbiome. Aubrey will support you in establishing a balanced environment for gut bacteria to thrive so our immune system remains strong, our digestive system functions optimally, and we feel healthy and vibrant.

This course is a culmination of the first 3 courses from Aubrey Mast. She takes you on a journey into the value and importance of incorporating six wellness modalities to help bring more awareness, centeredness, and expression to your everyday ilfe.

Althea Wilkins provides expert information about managing neck pain from extended time seated at a computer or looking downward at a device. Technology has become an integral part of our lives and this course will help you become more aware of your body and posture to help reduce pain and prevent future issues with your neck and shoulders. 

Mental, Spiritual, Emotional

From Chaos
To Clarity

Dr. Erika Czerwinski takes us on a journey by discussing how challenging times in life can provide opportunities for growth.  Her unique approach to examining, unpacking, and incorporating the lessons that potent experiences in life can offer will open new doors of understanding.

If you are a wellness professional interested in creating an immersive educational
course experience, please contact us so we can help bring your vision to the world.

If you are a wellness professional interested in creating an immersive educational course experience, please contact us so we can help bring your vision to the world.

Mental, Spiritual, Sexual

Welcome To
*Free Course*

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This Introduction course is free and open to anyone and everyone. We hope it helps familiarize you with our site, experience our platform, and get to know our founding educators. Each of the wellness professionals on Imramma brings a tremendous amount of experience and expertise from their chosen field of study and we are excited to introduce you to them and their work so that it might help you on your path toward total well-being.