About Us

Born in the mountains of Western North Carolina, Imramma is the realization of a vision to connect Asheville's healing spirit to the world. 
For generations, the mountains of Western North Carolina have been renowned for their healing attributes - from fresh mountain air to purifying hot springs, those seeking to improve their health traveled from near and far to reap the many benefits the area had to offer. Over the years, this has led to a natural growth of a dedicated community of health and wellness professionals passionate about enhancing the well being of their clients. The knowledge and wisdom offered by this community has continued to grow and Asheville maintains its reputation as a hub for all things health and wellness.
Born in these same ancient mountains, Imramma began as a collaborative effort to bring the area’s knowledge, energy, and passion for healing to the wider world. The word Imramma refers to an ancient Celtic myth that describes a sacred journey or healing pilgrimage of the soul. We have created Imramma with that same intention in mind - the platform serves as a sanctuary for your own personal journey towards healing and well being.
We are committed to offering courses and practices carefully and intentionally designed to support your journey to whole being wellness.
Our courses are designed to honor and highlight all the elements of our existence to ensure our journey to wellness takes into account our mental, physical, spiritual, sexual, and emotional sides. Our hope is to cultivate a sense of exploration and an atmosphere of peace and safety to encourage your curiosity and guide you toward new areas of reflection and self understanding. Whether you arrived on Imramma for a specific purpose or no purpose at all, we are here to walk with you as you take steps along your path toward wellness.
If you are a wellness professional interested in creating an immersive educational course experience, please contact us so we can help bring your vision to the world.

Meet Our Educators

Each wellness professional brings a depth of knowledge, dedication, and passion to their teaching.  

Aubrey Mast

Holistic Healer + Intuitive Coach + PhD Candidate
An Intuitive, Health and Life Coach, Herbalist, and Plant-Based Wellness Chef dedicated to helping people adapt in their bodies and lives while rising into their sovereign self. I have helped thousands come back into their bodies with nutrition, self-care, and intuitive practices.

Aubrey has an MS degree in Public Health and is a Certified Holistic Health Coach. She is also a master herbalist and plant-based health chef. She is currently immersed in candidacy for a PhD in Mind Body Medicine focusing on epigenetic healing through spiritual and nutritional interventions.

She is dedicated to helping people rise in their power, by offering deep support in returning to the sacred self. She has the ability to help intuitively guide people back into their highest selves with nutrition, holistic knowledge, and sacred presence practices.


Personal Trainer + Clinical Bodyworker + Yoga Teacher
From womb to grave, we continually receive whatever the environment presents us and generate the most appropriate, adaptive responses available under the circumstances. The vast majority of these responses are carried out on a subconscious level. And, this innate physiology is incredibly optimistic. You don’t even have to think about it. You are a positive adaptive response generator.

Biology refers to this phenomenon, rather unfortunately, as homeostasis – from the Greek for “similar to standing still.” Far from a static state of sameness though, homeostasis is an elegant dance of shifting relationships across surprisingly broad spectrums of dynamic equilibrium. Perhaps a more accurate term would be adaptogenesis.

Althea believes this propensity exists in not only the plant world and on the human physical level of experience; it also extends into mind and spirit realms. Massage, movement, meditation, diet, lifestyle, and social interactions are just some of the ways we can purposefully enhance our naturally adaptogenic tendencies.

Dr. Erika Czerwinski

PhD of Psychology + Clinical Psychologist
Erika specializes in a multi-faceted approach to mental, physical, and spiritual health through her background and education in both psychology and wilderness education. She guides her clients through thier inner work and growth with carefully created mindfulness exercises as well as personal guided meditations.

Her courses provide a wonderfully balanced approach to helping you develop a personal practice with meditation, yoga, and other grounding mindfulness exercises.

Dr. Kelley Johnson

Clinical Sexologist + Speaker + Educator
Kelley holds a doctoral degree in Human Sexuality and a Master’s degree in Public Health Education. She has been a sexuality educator since 1989, including 15 years teaching Health and Sexuality and Women’s Health at UNC Asheville.

As a sex educator, she provides comprehensive sex education to private schools and charter schools as well as for small groups. As a professional sexologist, she works with couples and individuals to resolve sexual issues and concerns through non-medical modalities and solutions that work within the client’s value system. Kelley’s aim is to help individuals and couples enjoy the pleasures and free expression of their sexuality.


Honoring your path toward whole health and well-being.
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