Aubrey Mast

Holistic Healer + Coach

An Intuitive, Health and Life Coach, Herbalist, and Plant-Based Wellness Chef dedicated to helping people adapt in their bodies and lives while rising into their sovereign self. I have helped thousands come back into their bodies with nutrition, self-care, and intuitive practices.

Aubrey has an MS degree in Public Health and is a Certified Holistic Health Coach. She is also a master herbalist and plant-based health chef.  She is currently immersed in candidacy for a PhD in Mind Body Medicine focusing on epigenetic healing through spiritual and nutritional interventions.

She is dedicated to helping people rise in their power, by offering deep support in returning to the sacred self. She has the ability to help intuitively guide people back into their highest selves with nutrition, holistic knowledge, and sacred presence practices.



"She has a beautiful kind, gentle, healing way. Full of encouragement and intuitive wisdom, she knows just what to stress and what to softly say and let soak in on its own for the greatest impact. Her knowledge of healing and healthful food and clearing, protective, calming and encouraging essential oils is amazing. I feel the world is blessed to have her out there doing her thing."

"In all of my interactions with Aubrey, I have felt fully seen and fully accepted by someone who is completely present in the moment, and yet still manages to be plugged into Spirit. Aubrey is a healing mix of feistiness and empathy that makes it easy to open up about one's personal stumbling blocks as a human, and how those affect one's daily human life."

"Aubrey’s tender-hearted intuitive gifts, combined with her deep knowledge of nutrition and the mind-body connection, have been a boon to my own healing journey. I relish any and all opportunities to work with her."

Althea Wilkins

Personal Trainer + Clinical Bodyworker + Yoga Teacher

Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness Promotion
~UNC Asheville

Certified Personal Trainer
~National Academy of Sports Medicine

Registered Yoga Teacher
~Yoga Alliance

Board Certified Clinical Bodyworker
~License #33188

NC Licensed and Insured Massage Therapist
~License #2396

Certified Role Model Method instructor

The term “adaptogenic” is a relatively new addition to the scientific lexicon. It comes from phytopharmacology, or plant medicine, and was first used in the 1950s to refer to something:

  • That is non-toxic
  • Increases an organism’s resistance to a wide array of stressors and their damaging effects, and
  • Promotes restoration of healthy function and integration between the systems of the body.

From womb to grave, we continually receive whatever the environment presents us and generate the most appropriate, adaptive responses available under the circumstances. The vast majority of these responses are carried out on a subconscious level. And, this innate physiology is incredibly optimistic. You don’t even have to think about it. You are a positive adaptive response generator.

Biology refers to this phenomenon, rather unfortunately, as homeostasis – from the Greek for “similar to standing still.” Far from a static state of sameness though, homeostasis is an elegant dance of shifting relationships across surprisingly broad spectrums of dynamic equilibrium. Perhaps a more accurate term would be adaptogenesis.
I believe this propensity exists in not only the plant world and on the physical level of experience; it also extends into mind and spirit realms. Massage, movement, meditation, diet, lifestyle and social interactions are just some of the ways we can purposefully enhance our naturally adaptogenic tendencies.

Erika Czerwinski

Psychologist + Consultant

Doctor of Psychology - The Wright Institute

Erika specializes in a multi-faceted approach to mental, physical, and spiritual health through her background and education in both psychology and wilderness education. She guides her clients through thier inner work and growth with carefully created mindfulness exercises as well as personal guided meditations.


Her courses provide a wonderfully balanced approach to helping you develop a personal practice with meditation, yoga, and other grounding mindfulness exercises.

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