Where honoring your path toward wellness begins.

Imramma is a cooperative of Health and Wellness professionals local to Asheville, North Carolina who are dedicated to providing a path for individuals seeking to improve their health and overall wellness.

The word Imramma refers to an ancient Celtic myth that describes a sacred journey or healing pilgrimage of the soul.

Here, we have created a sanctuary for your personal journey towards healing and growth.

As a collective of experienced wellness professionals, we are committed to offering courses and practices carefully and intentionally designed to aid in your journey to health.


Digital Courses

Intuitive and thoughtful online class programs that aid you on your journey.

Guided Meditation

Participate in courses with specifically created guided meditations for practice supporting growth, healing, and clarity.

Individualized Focus

Each client receives the full attention of their wellness guide. Contact any of our professionals directly through the About Us page.

Join Us

Visit our Classes page and sign up for any that connect to your path and support your journey toward wellness.